New Centre Wish List

As you know, kitting out a new space requires getting everything, so we’ve developed a Wish List in hopes that you might have something spare that we could use. Contact if  you have any of the below:

  • Sofa (2-3 seater) and/or armchair in good condition
  • Small coffee table or storage chest
  • Wall clock
  • Cloth to cover our plastic 2×6’ tables
  • Curtains &
  • curtain rails (3x 1m, 1x 2m)
  • Shelving and cabinets (bathroom, kitchen)
  • Cleaning supplies (washing up & hand soap, etc)
  • A guillotine for cutting paper
  • A telephone (answerphone)
  • Books or small items for the Lending Library
  • A sign-out log for the Lending Library
  • Paper Paper-punch
  • Toilet roll holder x2
  • Toilet brush x2
  • Office chairs
  • Cement pain (2 litres)

We anticipate this list will be changing a lot in the first months, so please check back here for the most recent Wish List.

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  1. I have a spare paper punch (two holes) to prepare correspondence for loose-leaf ‘binder’ files. Please collect if required.

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