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Scientists call for a ban on microbeads in cosmetic products

Those clever little exfoliating balls that float around in your shower gel and body scrub, as well as the teeth-scouring grains in your toothpaste, may be great cosmetically. But there’s a potentially huge environmental cost: the thousands of microbeads added to cosmetics and hygiene products are made from plastic. The non-biodegradable particles, tinier than a pinhead, are designed, once used, to be flushed away with your waste water – and because of their tiny size they end up in aquatic habitats. As many as 8 trillion microbeads enter aquatic habitats after leaving water treatment plants in the USA each day, a study recently found. The microbeads have been found in most of the oceans and large bodies of water across the world because they pass straight through water purification systems. The video above by LUSH Cosmetics North America explains this in detail. A global campaign to stop the inclusion of microbeads in consumer products called Beat the Microbead has attracted many large organisations to join in the cause. Locally the International Ocean Institute South Africa (IOI-SA) has added its support. The IOI-SA says it promotes the quick phasing out of plastic microbeads in personal care products. “There are natural alternatives available so there is no excuse for manufacturers to use plastic.” While the exact impact of the beads is still being researched, the growing concern is that the beads could be mistaken for a food source by Zooplankton and other micro organisms and will then enter the ecosystem. “Not all animals are able to excrete the plastic, so in some species it accumulates internally. The surface of plastics attracts and absorbs persistent organic pollutants found in the marine environment, such as PCBs and DDT, which can then transfer into animal tissue. There are also toxic chemicals that are added to plastics during the manufacturing process that can pose threats to the marine environment and marine fauna,” says IOI-SA. The state of California has become the latest to join the movement against microbeads in the USA. Canada is also considering banning the plastics. Beat the Microbead says every person can aid the change by not purchasing cosmetics and hygiene products with polyethylene, polypropylene, polymethyl methacrylate or nylon in them. –
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Music and a splash of anything creative by local performers.

                  Let your imagination fly free.

           Transition Town Forres: 5pm to 7pm

An especially curated Creative Cafe for Young Adults will showcase talented young people including singers from Rising Stars.

FREE          with delicious light food and refreshments on sale

Everything Starts with A Dream


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Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the (increasingly early) day of the year when humanity is no longer living off the “interest from natural capital” that is available each year. Instead we are using up the stock of natural capital itself. The easiest analogy for this is to imagine you were doing the same thing with your own financial capital…if you have any that is. How long will your capital last if you keep eating into it, especially if the amount you are spending increases year on year. At some point, your expenditure will be beyond the interest paid and this leaves you in a deep hole.

This year, Earth Overshoot Day occurs on Aug 13. Every day we eat into that capital, we have less capital available next year. Every day we follow the capitalist dogma of growth at all costs increases the amount that we draw down from that capital. It’s a double whammy. A bit like trying to drink yourself sober by drinking stronger whisky.

Another way to visualise this is by using the metaphor of a funnel. The top side of the funnel is ever decreasing availability of natural resources, including sinks for waste. the bottom edge is an ever increasing demand for those resources. The sides of the funnel are unwelcome results of unsustainable use of resources like declining food resources, air pollution, raw material costs. As we go further into the funnel, we have less room for manoeuvre. We need to find ways to get what we need without hitting the walls of the tunnel, and then begin to widen those walls again. You can get a look at this metaphor and the framework behind it here…

Sometime in October there will be the chance to participate in an open event around food resilience and sustainability in Moray and beyond. We will be using this framework to see what the group comes up with. The aim is to get about 70 people or more for a day long event to generate ideas. If you eat food, you might want to consider participating. Offers to attend will be made nearer the time but early expressions of interest are welcome.


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Sunday Slot 26th July, Somewhere in the Findhorn Foundation

I will be running a short session on ADULT GAMES. Yes, systems thinking and challenging mental models is all the rage in my world view. This session is aimed at playing games to do both those things. It’s meant to be a bit of fun with a serious agenda trailing somewhere far behind. It’s free, apart from giving your time and the only equipment you need is a short stick between 4 and 6 inches long. As far as I can tell, minimum mobility is required to participate.Time is from one pm for an hour and a bit. All welcome. Iain Findlay

Here’s a wee example

The Blue Economy

Bored with austerity yet? I certainly am. So, let me introduce you, well some of you, to the concept of The Blue Economy. Or rather, how we actually go about moving towards sustainability. Yes, that word that means so much yet about which so little is actually known by so many. Tp paraphrase that bloke that wrote about Zen and motorbikes “there is so much talk about system change and so little understanding”. Well, the info is all here now, mostly.

So I may well post rather a lot more about this in the coming weeks so I’m just posting a short intro now. Have a look… is this the kind of thing you would like to see being discussed, practiced and disseminated at TTF? Let us know, suggest other stuff, either that or well, I dunno, switch on some repeats of Strictly Come Something more boring instead.

La Comun Tierra film show at Newbold House

At Half past seven in Newbold House Ryan and Leticia from this initiative in Latin America will be showing a film and discussing their involvement in education, transition and other ecological initiatives. All welcome. Sunday 19th

The TTF Dome and a first blog

To be honest, this post is really an experiment to see how this blog thing works. However, seeing as how someone might actually read it I’m going to give a wee update on how the TTF geodesic dome is getting along. The tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, courgettes, peas and basil appear to be loving it. Why the seagulls have stopped sitting on top of it is a mystery but a very welcome one as they were making a bit of a mess on the top. It’s in a great spot as the site where the dome sits gets the sun all day, every day, probably even in winter. Who knew seagulls were so clever. Maybe it’s too warm for their sensitive backsides, but I doubt this is true because they also float about in the Moray firth and that’s pretty nippy even at the best of times. If you are down on the site, feel free to have a look inside. We are having to use containers but it seems to be working well enough. I guess the trick is to make sure the container size suits the plant, the soil is suitable and the plant is getting the micro climate in needs. Container gardening is a great way to grow food if you have a lack of soil, or even a lack of garden and Transition Towns are about increasing the amount of food grown locally. Perhaps we should run a wee course in container gardening. Get in touch if you think this is a good idea. Moray is blessed with many excellent growers and I’m sure we could rope some of them in.

Incidentally, it appears there may be enough kale seeds saved this year to feed all of Moray…

Could this become a green dot in a carpark full of stones

Could this become a green dot in a carpark full of stones


Sewing with Marit


Confidence to cook June Program

june copy

Mental Health Awareness week 11 – 17 May. Free events!


How to cook your life. Thursday 14 May 7PM


Confidence to Cook May Program


Sewing class with Marit

This Wednesday, 22/4, we have another of our popular sewing classes at TTF.

You may want to repair something, or make something new, an iPad pad to rest your iPad or tablet on? A meditation cushion? A bag? Or something else. Come along and be inspired. Meet new friends, chat and use your hands. We have sewing machines, thread and some fabric. £10 for the session. From 1-4 pm, at TTF at Bogton Road, IV36 3 TW.

Soup as medicine Tuesday 24th March

breakfast club soup copy

Seed Tattie sale

seed sale flier copy

Confidence to cook April program

april copy

TTF Food School March schedule

march copy

Frugal Gourmet 17 Feb 6 – 8PM

frugal gourmet copy

TTF Food School events for February

TTF FOOD School Feb

A fresh toilet block

What a difference – This week BamNuttal, an engineering company currently working in Forres, gave TTF a facelift!

They give community benefit in places they work and we are the proud recipients of a new toilet block which will ensure that the door no longer blows off when you use the facilities.


toilet 1 toilet 2
















They also made a great big additional raised bed by the disabled access on the north side of the building. This will give much needed extra space for vegetables come spring, and it will ensure the path for wheelchair access will not be used as a drive way but will remain useful for its purpose.


As if that was not enough they also brought in a digger to remove a lot of weeds from two areas which will give us additional growing space come spring.


All in all – fantastic work carried out in a blink of an eye.

Transition Town Forres extends a great big THANK You to BamNuttal for this work.

New Directors

At our EGM on Saturday 22/11 we elected to co opt the following new directors:

Kristy Puplett, Deborah Hockney, Jenny Smith, Chas Rodger, Ludwig Appeltans, Celia McKenna & Yvonne Moore.

Welcome to the board of TTF.

We also said good bye to George Goudsmit who has served on the board for exactly three years. Thank you George for your support.

Take One Action Film festival in Inverness 28-30th Nov


There will be a number of great films and activities at Eden Court on the weekend of 28-30th of November.

TTF will host a 2 hour Carbon Conversation (Transition Street) workshop at 14.15

Follow this link for a full program Takeoneaction


New program coming soon

TTF together with partners across Moray have been awarded support from NHS for an exciting food program. Courses will start in January.

Listen to your Body: Qigong and Healthy Chinese Cooking courses

Self healing Qigong Series Oct 2014v6 Health Chinese Cooking Autumn 2014v7

TTF’s “Fab Foods” Programme

flyer 1

Eat healthy, live longer with TTF’s fab foods programme…

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Delta Force visits TTF

12 (1)

Delta Force from Elgin visited TTF on 8th April.
Delta Force are a group of young volunteers supported by Kate Chandler from Elgin Youth Cafe. Read the rest of this entry

Car boot sales – have been cancelled for a while, which is a shame.

Car boot sales are a good way to bring the local community together, give people the chance to recycle and up cycle some of their “stuff” too. It’s a good way to stop things going to landfill too. We hope that they will start again in the not too distant future.

TTF had to make this decision for several factors including safe access for people and giving consideration to local residents.  In the meantime, we encourage people to avoid the need for car boot sales in the future by not buying stuff they don’t need, or buying good quality “stuff” that will last a long time.

If you need more info about “stuff” then why not have a look at this wee video called “the story of stuff” before going out and buying more of it?

Seed Swap 12 noon -2pm, Sat 5 April

Bring along your extra seeds to swap or share with others. TTF will have some small envelopes available but please bring any of your own to put seeds in. Open packs that have traces of mould or seeds stuck together should be avoided. You can trade seeds, seedlings, plants and garden equipment or you can just come to buy if you don’t have anything to trade. If you want to trade in LETS please bring your LETS chequebook. seedswap

CONGRATULATIONS! Transition Town Forres took first place in the Environment category in the TSI Moray Social Enterprise Awards on Friday 14 March. Richard Lochhead MSP presented the award to TTF member Chas Rodger, and singled out TTF’s electric vehicle charging station as key to our success. We also received a nomination in the Innovation category.


Chas Rodger collects the award on behalf of TTF

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Bumblebee Talk, Sunday 16 March, 2.30pm


Free REHIS Nutrition Course

foodttfTransition Town Forres and Community Food Moray are offering a free REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland) nutrition course in March. This is an Elementary Food and Health (Nutrition) course giving a recognised certificate administered through REHIS.

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Tattie Day and Apple Day, March 8th and 12th

tattie day and apple day

March Cooking Classes

March cooking classes

More cooking classes Feb 18th, 19th & 23rd (Tuesday, Wedn & Sunday)

Our classes are becoming popular. Last week we cooked with Sam, Carin and Mingming, all yummy dishes and judging from the feedback our participants were happy and well fed.
This week we cook on Tuesday 18th, Wedn 19th and Sunday 23rd (only a few places left).
Book your place by email to

F Gaz AD_2

Soup recipe


Cooking Classes at TTF – Feb 12th, 14th, 15th

This month we’re running three cooking courses – “Free From” Food, Confidence to Cook and Healthy Chinese Cooking. Full details in the flyer below:

Earthtime Toddler Adventures in TTF Community Garden

ImageEarthtime will be hosting fun, creative and exploring sessions for children aged 2-5 at our pods in TTF Community Garden at Bogton Road on 18 February. The sessions will focus on all aspects of gardening with children e.g. growing vegetables, gardening for wildlife, projects to take home.

Aimed at 2–5-year-olds accompanied by an adult.

Price: £5.00

Start Time: 10:30 am
End Time: 11:30 am

More details and registration on the Earthtime website.

Sat 11 Jan – Free Talk: Losing Weight is Not About Dieting

pink ladyCome and hear Jo Smithson talk about how to lose weight forever, including Jo’s personal weight loss story and the opportunity to talk to previous participants from Jo’s Lighten Up programme.

  • Sat 11 January, 2014
  • 2-4pm
  • TTF Centre

More details on our Bulletin Board and on Jo’s website, Embody Empower.

Sat 25 Jan – Volunteer Recruitment Drive & Good Food demo

volunteer recruitmentInterested in volunteering for Transition Town Forres?

Come to the Volunteer Recruitment Drive on:

Saturday 25 Jan 2014
11 am – 3 pm
TTF Centre Bogton Road (IV36 3TW)

  • find out the How & Why of volunteering with TTF
  • become a TTF Volunteer


  • Have lunch with us
  • Attend a Good Food demo

For more information, please contact TTF’s Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Marcus,

Permaculture Courses

Ludwig Appeltans is running an introduction to permaculture on Friday 13th December. He’s also hosting get-together evenings for permaculture enthusiasts and has plans for a full permaculture design course at our centre.

Contact Earth Ways


Apple Trees – Pruning and Grafting courses

131124 Apple Trees Workshop

Welcome Day, Sat 28 Sept, 1-4 pm

Welcome Day flyer a5

Upcoming Events

** 21 SEPT – EVENT – The TTF Centre at Bogton will be part of Culture Day, and volunteers are needed. Have music or artwork to share, or want to help make juices & smoothies? Please contact us if you’d like to help out in any way. And do come along to the Culture Day volunteer session on 10 Sept at 7 pm at Bogton in the new Centre.

** 28 SEPT – EVENT – We have scheduled a WELCOME DAY for Sat 28 Sept, 1-4 pm, a chance for everyone to come see the new Centre and what we’re up to. Are you able to help out in some way? It could be as simple as greeting people or something specific like face-painting, storytelling, or help with organising or promotion, or something else. We welcome your ideas as well as your help. Write or call Carin (01309 691 551) or Claralynn (07921 211 434).

New TTF Centre open Tues to Sat

Our new Centre is still very bare bones, and we are doing our best to to arrange for volunteers to keep it open 12-2 pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Do come down and check it out. Browse our books, read the info sheets & petitions, sign the Visitors book, and see the electric vehicle charging station.

New Centre Wish List

As you know, kitting out a new space requires getting everything, so we’ve developed a Wish List in hopes that you might have something spare that we could use. Contact if  you have any of the below:

  • Sofa (2-3 seater) and/or armchair in good condition
  • Small coffee table or storage chest
  • Wall clock
  • Cloth to cover our plastic 2×6’ tables
  • Curtains &
  • curtain rails (3x 1m, 1x 2m)
  • Shelving and cabinets (bathroom, kitchen)
  • Cleaning supplies (washing up & hand soap, etc)
  • A guillotine for cutting paper
  • A telephone (answerphone)
  • Books or small items for the Lending Library
  • A sign-out log for the Lending Library
  • Paper Paper-punch
  • Toilet roll holder x2
  • Toilet brush x2
  • Office chairs
  • Cement pain (2 litres)

We anticipate this list will be changing a lot in the first months, so please check back here for the most recent Wish List.

TTF August 2013 Newsletter

ttfaugustnewsIt’s ready!

Download the August 2013 newsletter to find out more about our new centre and our new electric vehicle charging station. There’s also a call for volunteers and details of upcoming events.

Land, seeds and stories – The Seed Truck Summer Tour is coming to Forres, 13 August

SeedTruckInverkeithing_002As the first grain ripens this August, the Seed Truck will be setting out across Scotland for a ‘Land, Seeds and Stories’ tour. Travelling  from Ullapool to Aberdeen, this merry band of troubadours will bring a unique blend of storytelling, music, seed saving skills and good craic, and will arrive in Forres on 13th August.

Join TTF to welcome the Seed Truck on 13th August at the Community Garden in Forres, at our newly refurbished Environmental Education and Healthy Living Centre from 1-4 pm and 7-9pm.

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